Gunsite Gas Main

Contract: Gas Main Laying, Gunsite Promenade, St Lawrence

Client: Jersey Gas

Value: £120k

Duration: 10 Weeks

Jersey Gas required the replacement of an existing 12” cast iron main to ensure the safe supply of gas to the west of the island for the future. Jayen were appointed as the contractor to install 1 km of 315mm polyethylene gas main along the promenade in St. Aubins Bay from the Bel Royal hamburger bar to the Gunsite café.

The location of the trench had to remain away from the sea wall and other buried apparatus, maintaining a full width walkway and an area for ‘Le Petit Train’ to pass safely. Deep excavation techniques were utilised due to the depth of the old main, and operative safety was ensured by using wailing boards, jacks and props. The project also required the formation of two large pits at either end of the trench to allow the decommissioning of the existing main and the commissioning of the new. Our in house tarmac operation resurfaced the works to Transport and Technical Services specification with a successful pass in the ‘rolling straight edge’ test.

The contract was completed as specified, on time and in budget.

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