As a company Jayen Limited acknowledge our responsibility to the environment and to the local community in which we work and with which we do business. The company actively encourages all members of staff to recognise those responsibilities and behave in a responsible manner toward the society in which we function. We aim to ensure the long-term success of the business by contributing economically, environmentally and socially (our corporate responsibilities) across the sectors in which we operate.



Health and Safety at Work (Jersey) Law, 1989

The Board of Directors recognises and wholeheartedly accepts its moral and legal obligations and responsibilities with regard to health and safety.

It is the Company's policy to take all reasonably practicable steps to:

  • provide and maintain safe and healthy working conditions;
  • provide safe plant, equipment and systems of work for all its employees;
  • provide information, instruction and supervision for employees;
  • adequately control health and safety risks arising from its work activities;
  • collect and disseminate up-to-date information on health hazards and risks associated with the use of substances encountered in its work activities;
  • ensure the competence of all employees to do their tasks, and provide adequate training;
  • protect the health and safety of others who may be affected by its work activities including visitors, contractors, and members of the public.

A Director has been appointed as the Safety Director to monitor implementation of the Policy, report to the Board at regular intervals and recommend changes where necessary.

The allocation of duties in relation to safety matters and the particular arrangements to implement this policy are set out in the Responsibilities and Arrangements sections of the full policy document. This Policy is the direct concern of all employees within the company and senior management is accountable to the Board for its implementation.

Due consideration will be given to consultation with employees affected before any changes are made. Copies of the Policy will be provided to all employees, and so much of the Policy as affects sub-contractors and visitors will be issued to them.

The Company will strive to work for the on-going integration of health and safety into all of its activities with the objective of attaining high standards of health and safety performance. The Company seeks the full co-operation of all concerned in the carrying through of its commitment.

The Policy will be amended and updated to take account of business changes, methods, size and personnel. To ensure this, the Policy and the way it has operated will be reviewed annually.



Jayen Limited is committed to reducing the aspects of the delivery of its services that have an impact on the environment, whether locally or globally in whatever way it can.  The Company shall do all it can to safeguard the environment and as an organisation we are committed to the following principles:-          

  • Prevention of pollution by monitoring our surroundings and taking action where pollution is identified to comply with local and global legislation.
  • Conservation by monitoring energy usage in terms of gas, electricity, oil and vehicle fuel to maximise efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.
  • To comply with and exceed wherever possible all known legal requirements and recommendations.
  • To ensure we are aware of our responsibilities towards the protection of the environment and that these responsibilities are promoted throughout Jayen.
  • To constantly develop our environmental policies and procedures.
  • To promote a policy of development which meets the needs of the present, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.
  • To ensure that the environment is considered when goods or services are procured within the company and that the company will never knowingly contribute to the damage of the environment through negligent practices.
  • To ensure that all suppliers are aware of their environmental impact, and to seek assurance from them of their ability to conform to specified requirements and to promote a culture of good ethics.
  • Recycling and re-use of materials will be carried out where possible and where not, due care will be exercised in respect of waste disposal in accordance with current guidelines and legislation.

These commitments extend from the Managing Director to all members of staff and shall be reviewed on a regular basis for compliance to specific requirements and to ensure a culture of continual improvements.