Augres Chemical Storage Facility

Contract: Chemical Storage Facility, Treatment Works, Augres

Client: Jersey Water

Value: £0.2m

Duration: 12 Weeks

Jersey Water required the construction of a new 2500sqft chemical storage facility at their existing water treatment works in Trinity. After entering into a competitive tender, Jayen were awarded the contract early in 2010. Jayen successfully managed all aspects of the structural and architectural design elements, also liaising with the States of Jersey Planning and Environment department to ensure building bye-law compliance. Successful and safe completion of the project was achieved within the set time, quality and budget constraints.

The works consisted of the following: management and procurements of design consultants (foundations, structural steel, drainage, architectural aesthetics and planning regulation requirements), site investigation and trial holes, land surveying and 3D element location, 3,500m3 bulk excavation, reduced level dig and forming of earth embankments, design and construction of 100m3 reinforced raft foundation, design and erection of structural steel frame and external cladding, fire protection works, design and construction of concrete hard standing and external works, drainage and electrical services connections, and soft landscaping.

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